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Spring is coming! ‘Structure of relationship’

25 March 2017 – will take place exhibition ‘Structure of relationship’ connected with activity of our Artistic Group M37A. (poster and my works) I invite everyone to keep track of our present and upcoming activities!  

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Exhibitions February 2017

I invite to my INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITION (5.02.2017) I will present bronze sculptures and artistic photography. and GROUP EXHIBITION ‘space of endocarp’ (11.02.2017) (posters and my work) connected with activity of Artistic Group M37A which will take place in MUSEUM OF MILITARY CASES in Kraków.

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New idea at the end of November 2016

The idea of new series of sculpture ‘signs remains’ came to me suddenly, when I was sitting in a workplace in Orońsko  Centre of Polish Sculpture. It was a fish…I saw a fish in a piece of wax I was working with. It became the sign of zodiac signs, actually of their remains…

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